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US-2252055-A: Staple fiber yarn patent, US-2252646-A: Woven fabric patent, US-2252935-A: Dentistry jaw patent, US-2254582-A: Key case patent, US-2254625-A: Electromagnetic multiple-disk clutch patent, US-2254973-A: Adjustable caster construction patent, US-2255471-A: Self-adjusting heelpiece for shoe forms patent, US-2255789-A: Suction cleaner patent, US-2255885-A: Device for securing saws and other appliances to arbors patent, US-2256803-A: Antenna system for radio receiving sets patent, US-2257926-A: Step stool patent, US-2257928-A: Apparatus for washing dishes, silverware, and the like patent, US-2258668-A: Fastening device patent, US-2259806-A: Patch-making machine patent, US-2259888-A: Speed indicator patent, US-2261049-A: Voluminal compensator for the hoppers of weighing feeders patent, US-2263047-A: Power transmission system patent, US-2263110-A: Tracer for profiling machines patent, US-2263341-A: Optical instrument patent, US-2263496-A: Vending machine apparatus patent, US-2263671-A: Method of making welt shoes patent, US-2264179-A: Honing machine patent, US-2264313-A: Article of manufacture patent, US-2266563-A: Heating system patent, US-2267038-A: Plasticized metal chain patent, US-2268842-A: Furniture patent, US-2269298-A: Potato digging machine patent, US-2269401-A: Lens mount for photographic cameras patent, US-2269755-A: Garment patent, US-2270362-A: Apparatus for producing ground or polished glass strip patent, US-2272200-A: Boring or internal forming tool patent, US-2272389-A: Unattended mechanical repeater patent, US-2272960-A: Valve patent, US-2274346-A: Frequency selective transmission line patent, US-2275163-A: Electrical wire connector patent, US-2275940-A: Alarm system patent, US-2276289-A: Cigar machine filler feed patent, US-2277807-A: Display device patent, US-2278509-A: Catalyst regeneration patent, US-2279439-A: Lacquer composition patent, US-2279856-A: Traverse mechanism for winding machines patent, US-2280166-A: Conveying apparatus patent, US-2280175-A: Aluminum alloy patent, US-2280209-A: Classifying rake patent, US-2282559-A: Protective tile patent, US-2282634-A: Draw works patent, US-2283834-A: Hair-cutting device patent, US-2283893-A: Water closet seat patent, US-2284044-A: Cotton baling apparatus patent, US-2284923-A: Reinforced concrete building construction patent, US-2285164-A: Radio frequency amplifier patent, US-2285429-A: Pulverization patent, US-2286022-A: Contact selector patent, US-2286456-A: Track inspection gauge patent, US-2286853-A: Heater patent, US-2287113-A: Amusement device patent, US-2287631-A: Clutch patent, US-2288928-A: High-speed film movement mechanism patent, US-2290346-A: Chair patent, US-2290817-A: System of communication patent, US-2291175-A: Lightning arrester patent, US-2291438-A: Comb plate patent, US-2292166-A: Electromechanical control system patent, US-2292241-A: Grade indicator patent, US-2292349-A: Well pumping assembly patent, US-2292725-A: Means for controlling the yarn guide in winding frames patent, US-2292898-A: Anchoring for concrete or the like patent, US-2292948-A: Insulator and the like patent, US-2293327-A: Grinding machine patent, US-2293485-A: Piezoelectric device holder patent, US-2294295-A: Window patent, US-2294487-A: Pressure regulator control valve patent, US-2294771-A: Staple fiber preparation patent, US-2295438-A: Tire casing vulcanizer patent, US-2295864-A: Artificial tooth patent, US-2296139-A: Container patent, US-2296228-A: Bottle holder patent, US-2296801-A: Bulb neck wiping device for lamps patent, US-2296811-A: Window regulator construction patent, US-2299516-A: Method of making shoe welting patent, US-2299622-A: Tool post for lathes patent, US-2299983-A: Cotton fiber measuring instrument patent, US-2299992-A: Barge patent, US-2300108-A: Illuminating mechanism for handbags patent, US-2300798-A: Variable voice delay network control patent, US-2301359-A: Adjustable sleeve patent, US-2301547-A: Locating and selector means for button positioning machines patent, US-2302696-A: Finger ring finding patent, US-2308334-A: Bridge and analogous construction patent, US-2308594-A: Manufacture of aliphatic compounds patent, US-2308964-A: Seat cushion patent, US-2309003-A: Cooling arrangement for gas turbines patent, US-2309164-A: Spring unit and method of constructing the same patent, US-2309856-A: Safety device for pressure vessels and the like patent, US-2310901-A: Closing ring patent, US-2312354-A: Attachment for milling machines patent, US-2312625-A: Marking device patent, US-2314369-A: Continuous steel strip pickling patent, US-2315576-A: Sealing of seamed rubber articles patent, US-2315656-A: Dual pressure pumping system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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