Collapsible monorail of suspension type



The utility model discloses a collapsible monorail of suspension type belongs to construction technical field. Collapsible monorail of suspension type hangs on bearing frame, and including the monorail main part, the monorail main part includes the folding roof beam of two sections butt joints, and the bottom wing of folding roof beam abutting end passes through the articulated elements to be connected, and the web both sides of abutting end are equipped with through the fixed limiting plate of fastener, and the limiting plate covers the seam of abutting end and links firmly with the folding web of seam both sides, the fixed a plurality of monorail lugs in upper limb interval of monorail main part. Adopt this kind of structure, simple manufacture transports, installs, demolishs, stores the convenience, the construction less investment, and operation installation risk is low. Reuse rate is high, and reducible construction material, personnel drop into.




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