Msw incineration control system



The utility model discloses a msw incineration control system, including data acquisition monitoring unit, data preprocessing and memory, central controller, heavy metal sorter, sulphur coal adder, secondary blast gate, pipe laying heat exchanger governing valve, alarm, high in the clouds server. This system can be to the rubbish calorific value of msw incineration in -process, heavy metal content, combustion temperature, the oxygen content isoparametric detects, through the various equipment of central controller control, the system can automatically regulated rubbish calorific value, combustion temperature and flue -gas temperature, the at utmost reduces the dioxin gas that the msw incineration in -process produced, additionally, make full use of soil resource, carry out the green cooling, and the secondary pollution is avoided. Thus, environmental security is guaranteed to the at utmost, remote control function still has, high detecting precision and stable and reliable system, the maintenance management is convenient.




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