Cervical vertebra traction table



The utility model provides a cervical vertebra traction table is including the bed body, the middle part of the bed body is fixed with the fastening area of three horn shapes, open on the upper portion of the bed body has the rectangle recess, gliding backplate about being provided with in the recess, from the top down is fixed with head retainer plate and shoulder retainer plate respectively on the top surface of backplate, be fixed with a fore -and -aft worm on the bottom surface of backplate, be provided with a worm wheel on the worm, the bottom that sets up at the bed body is rotated in the pivot of worm wheel, gear rotor shaft's one end is provided with the colyliform handle, and the other end is provided with self -lock device, colyliform handle and self -lock device are located the left and right sides of the bed body respectively. Cervical vertebra traction table pass through the worm gear transmission, be equipped with colyliform handle and self -lock device, easy operation pulls stably, the easy grasp is said to power, trailing dynamics can quantify moreover.




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