Execute moxibustion device



He utility model relates to the technical field of medical devices, specifically disclose an execute moxibustion device, has contained: the moxibustion seat is equipped with a N moxibustion room of having a perfect understanding the moxibustion seat and being used for the holding moxibustion to burn on the moxibustion seat, wherein, N is the natural number, and each moxibustion room combination forms predetermined pattern, be equipped with the fixed part on the moxibustion seat, the fixed part is used for being fixed in the moxibustion face of executing with the moxibustion seat. The utility model discloses an arrange into various patterns with the moxibustion room of holding moxibustion wick for the various patterns of cicatrization that leave after the moxibustion, thus the acceptance level that the patient treated improved to the moxibustion, and this execute moxibustion device can use many strong moxibustion wicks simultaneously, and easily operation, the moxibustion is treated effectually.




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