A sliding seat for computer cutting machine



The utility model discloses a sliding seat for computer cutting machine, its technical scheme main points are be equipped with the through -hole of square in the cylinder, be equipped with the support column in the through -hole, the support column includes the bracing piece on center tube and the centering outside of tubes wall, bracing piece quantity is 4, the bracing piece encircles on the center tube outer wall with the circumference equidistance, the bracing piece is connected with the center tube and is equipped with the half -round bar on the other end of end, the half -round bar both ends are fixed mutually with the cylinder inner wall, still be equipped with the backing sheet between the two halves round bar, still be equipped with the guide post relative with the half -round bar on the main part outer wall, the utility model provides a high, the with low costs and light in weight's of intensity a sliding seat for computer cutting machine.




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