Adjustable tent pin frame



The utility model discloses an adjustable tent pin frame, including tent pole and the tent beam bar who all is equipped with the shell fragment, still include ground stake and the three -dimensional cross that is equipped with four first connection pipe walls, tent pole links to each other with tent beam bar through three -dimensional cross, and the ground stake is connected in tent pole's bottom, the ground stake is including the bottom plate and be equipped with the plane cross that pipe walls are connected to four seconds, be equipped with the spread groove on the bottom plate, the both sides of this spread groove are equipped with the connecting plate, and a second in the cross of plane is connected the pipe wall and is hinged between two connecting plates, all be equipped with two second connecting holes on every second connection pipe wall of plane cross, all be equipped with two first connecting holes on every first connection pipe wall of three -dimensional cross. The utility model discloses simple structure can put up holistic size to the tent and adjust, and convenient assembling is equipped with sharp tooth limit on the bottom plate of ground stake, can increase the stability of the tent body, and it is good to dismantle the maintainability.




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