Intelligent bedroom door



The utility model relates to a room door especially relates to an intelligent bedroom door. The to -be -solved technical problem of the utility model is to provide an intelligent bedroom door. In order to solve the technical problem, the utility model provides a such intelligent bedroom door, including the room door, the mail standing groove, electric putter I, telescopic link I, little door I, the camera, controller and remote signal send -receiver device, be provided with the mail standing groove in the below of room door, electric putter I installs on the inside right side of room door, be connected with little door I on electric putter's I telescopic link I, the mail standing groove on the door of room is covered to little door I, the top on room door right side is installed to the camera, controller and remote signal send -receiver device install the inside at the room door. The utility model discloses a can long -range receipt the function of express mail, moreover can be through the condition outdoors of keeping watch on of the camera on the door of room, the condition that avoid effectively disguising the house robbery of express delivery person takes place.




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