Illuminating device



The utility model discloses an illuminating device, include: the light source for form the incident beam, beam splitting device, be used for with the incident beam beam splitting is first light beam and second light beam, a collection device, be used for with first focusing of beam is to a wavelength converters, a wavelength converters for absorb the blue laser in the first light beam and excited the first laser that receives of transmission, the first not absorbed first light beam of light sum of being excited returns through a collection device collimation beam splitting device to form first emergent light, the 2nd collection device, be used for with the second focusing of beam is to the optical processing device, the optical processing device, it is right to be used for the second light beam carries out optical processing, light beam behind the optical processing returns beam splitting device through the 2nd collection device collimation to form the second emergent light. The utility model discloses the intensity and the colour that can make the emergent light are more even to reduce the loss of spectrum, improve laser lamp -house's efficiency.




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