Building stress monitoring device



The utility model discloses a building stress monitoring device, signal device, dynamic strain indicator, wireless dynamic strain indicator, analysis module, BIM model, alarm device are gathered including resistance strain gauge, foil gage to the device, resistance strain gauge installs on prefabricated component reinforcing bar surface, resistance strain gauge mounted position annex is provided with the foil gage and gathers signal device, the foil gage is gathered signal device and is passed through data signal and the connection of wireless dynamic strain indicator, wireless dynamic strain indicator passes through radio signal and the BIM model is connected, the BIM model passes through analysis module and alarm device connects. The utility model has the advantages that: rational in infrastructure, stress monitored control system form is simple, and the accuracy is measured to the low price, and convenient operation is swift, the practicality is strong, safe and reliable, the safety of overall process real time monitoring, assurance assembled major structure that can better is carried out fabricated construction stress state to come temporarily in danger, in time send alarm information and start the emergency preplan.




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