Anti -fake thermoprint membrane with 3D effect



The utility model discloses an anti -fake thermoprint membrane with 3D effect, include to follow and upwards superpose in proper order down: PET plastic film, from type layer, imaging layer, cladding material and hot -melt adhesive layer, its characterized in that: the UV mould pressing layer of imaging layer for having the 3D effect, this UV mould pressing layer comprises mutual separated local location pattern more than two, UV mould pressing layer thickness is 3-5 microns. Should anti -fake thermoprint membrane, the problem that can effectively avoid the poor and UV mould pressing of UV coating side cut nature to glue the version in the epimembranal realization 3D effect of anti -fake thermoprint, had both satisfied the feature of environmental protection requirement of product, was favorable to promoting false proof mark's anti -fake characteristic and visual impact sense again.




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