Compound fertilizer's packing assembly line



The utility model relates to a fertilizer production facility field specifically is the packing assembly line that a compound fertilizer production in -process need be used, comprising a hopper, discharge opening and conveyer belt, be provided with control button on the hopper, the discharge opening links to each other with the hopper is fixed, the discharge opening is the rectangular pipe column structure, one side fixed connection gear storehouse of discharge opening, install rack and driving motor in the gear storehouse, the rack sets up on the slide rail, be provided with a plurality of meshed gearss with it on the rack, driving motor and rack gear are connected, be provided with many parallel arrangement's pivot in the inner chamber of discharge opening, the both ends of pivot rotatably the cartridge on the inner wall of discharge opening, the middle section fixed connection rectangle flat fin of pivot, the one end and the gear fixed connection of meshing on the rack of pivot, driving motor passes through shaft coupling and one of them gear connection, driving motor links to each other with control button, the conveyer belt is located the discharge opening under.




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